In motion, until your muscles laugh

Allow nature to put you in motion

Sich von der Natur in Schwung bringen lassen

Motion is life, say some, a rolling stone gathers no moss, say others. 

And Socrates opined, he who wishes to move the world, must first move himself. And they are all right. Though in our minds, we shouldn’t neglect the enjoyment, the fun and the memorable experiences either. In that case, the yearning for motion comes automatically. And mind and heart are set in motion as well. An excerpt from our tips for days filled with motion at the Daberer: Guided hikes in Gailtal, cycling and mountain biking, Nordic walking and running, fly fishing and golf. And when it turns white outside: Winter hikes with or without snowshoes, cross-country and alpine skiing, ice skating and sledding - -however the mood takes you.

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