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The Daberer offers an activity program

in keeping with each of the four seasons – with many a classic offered year-round.

  • Daily, gentle morning awakening with Chi-Gong, meridian workouts and exercise for the spine
  • Yoga (three to four times a week)
  • Faszien - Physio training
  • Nordic walking
  • Impulse presentation on the topic “Acids and bases in nutrition”

And because we are always coming up with something new, here are a few more treats depending on the season:

Winter Lifestyle (in the white season), aside from cross-country lessons and snowshoeing there are also “handmade” evenings including knitting, crocheting etc., hunters’ hikes to learn how to read animal tracks in the snow, piano afternoons and evenings, winter movie nights, two-day bread-baking with sourdough, winter hikes with refreshment stops, …

Spring is the best time for many a delectable hike to the Edelgreissler in Kötschach and to our favorite regional producers, but also for springtime hikes to hidden places with amazing flowers and natural power. We invite in herb experts, and celebrate family holidays such as Easter and Whitsuntide with numerous children’s activities.

Summer brings us three guided hikes with summit snacks or visits to mountain huts. Twice a week we rechristen this beautiful season “Family Summer” and offer nature activities for children, while sometimes there is even an open-air cinema outside the inn in town.

Autumn, a time for guided hikes and organic snacks, or visits to mountain huts, palate-pleasing wine tastings, cozy autumn movie nights, …

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