Many excursions and even more culture

The alps-adriatic region has much to show


(1 hour from the Daberer) – a charming old town and shopping paradise rolled into one, simply stroll through the lanes, enjoy a cappuccino, feel that Italianitá in abundance.

Sauris – Sappada

(40 minutes from the Daberer) – the Italian side of our mountain world, where the magic of the Dolomites meets small, Carnic mountain villages with a rich tradition, including that famous bacon from Sauris.


(2 hours from the Daberer) – once a bastion of the imperial merchant fleet, today an elegant port city with boundless flair, with Palazzi, grand hotels and a port-side promenade, an exciting mix of Italian, Austrian and Slovenian culture and cuisine.


(30 minutes from the Daberer) – the capital city of Eastern Tyrol was an important base even back in Roman times, then Aguntum. Today, this small alpine town is a vibrant cultural center with a Mediterranean ambience.


(1 hour 20 minutes from the Daberer) – pure culture is hidden away in this town of artists and its many, many galleries. There is also a lot to marvel at in the Pankratium with its water experiments, and last but not least, in the Porsche Museum.

Irschen the herbal village

(30 minutes from the Daberer) – we suggest beginning with a garden tour around the PfarrStadel Herb House, leading you to colorful and fragrant alpine herbs, which are processed by the herb farmers into delicious tea blends and natural products of all kinds.

Lake Weissensee

(1 hour from the Daberer) – in the mood for a carriage ride around the lake? Or perhaps sampling some whitefish, trout, Arctic char and carp, which Martin Müller smokes gently or pickles deliciously in jars. A gourmet stop with Hannes Müller at his “Forelle”, or perhaps up to the Naggler Alm with its extraordinary host, Almut Knaller. 


(Maria Luggau – 1 hour from the Daberer) – it was crowned Europe’s Most Pristine Valley, and even James Bond found his way here. We recommend taking a side trip to visit Markus Salcher and his exquisite bacons and sausages, accompanied by a bite or two of genuine Lesachtal bread.

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